Total Life Coaching – Resource of the Month for May 2018

Total Life Coaching: 50+ Life Lessons, Skills, and Techniques to Enhance Your Practice…and Your Life by Patrick Williams, EdD, MCC and Lloyd J. Thomas was chosen as the book resource of the month for May 2018 by Faith J. Powers, Psy.D., MCLC of Think Well Coaching and Consulting, LLC

Think Well’s posted:

Total Life Coaching is a guidebook to Life Coaching that accomplishes a great feat by covering general principles as well as providing a collection of exercises that can be used by a Life Coach at work and at home.

Reading the book once allows for a comprehensive look at the field and what goes into building a balanced and enriched life. Revisiting the book as a reference provides specified, detailed support in the form of ideas and starting points from which a Life Coach can grow personally and professionally.

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