Going to Hollywood!!!!

dpw-rd-announceI have been invited to participate as a sponsor and consultant for a TV show that will be pitched to the networks called Radical Dating.

Radical Dating – Breaking Through the Barriers to Find Lasting Love Over 40 will shatter the myths about dating and inspire women and men to consciously find and create the lasting love they really want.

This show will be directed by Betsy Chasse, Director of the wildly popular What the Bleep do we Know, and produced by David Steele of the Relationship Coaching Institute.

My role as I fly to L.A October 27th is to be filmed doing a mini workshop for the 5 clients for the show based on my new book Getting Naked: Ways to Uncover Your Authentic Self at Work, Home, in Relationships, and Life.

Although there is no guarantee this TV show will be picked up, it is a great experience of both teaching/coaching on the journey of re-entering the dating scene in mid-life. I am also excited to have my book featured and for the opportunity to provide a mini workshop on the importance of being authentic so as not to waste your time being someone you are not.

As Oscar Wilde famously said, “You might as well be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”

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