Smart Women Talk Radio Show with Katana Abbott & Dr. Patrick Williams!

From Tuesday, July 26, 2016

getting-naked-book-sm<Katana will interview psychologist, author of 7 books, and leadership coach, Dr. Patrick Williams, on his new book “Getting Naked: Uncovering your Authentic Self at work, home, in relationships and in life”


Balboa Press

We discussed:

  • The importance of Naked Conversations about the good and the scary…
  • How hiding our shadow prevents us from total well being
  • How to have a Courageous conversation or be a committed witness to another’s naked conversations

Listen to the show below:

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Dr. Williams bio:

Dr. Patrick Williams, psychologist, author of 7 books, and leadership coach, is a pioneer in the field of Life Coaching and founder of the Institute for Life Coach Training, and Coaching the Global Village.

A developer of leaders for 3 decades he founded Coaching the Global Village in 2006 to bring the power of the coach approach to the underserved and resource poor of the world. Coaching the Global Village associates provide leadership training to grassroots organizations and/or non-profits, NGOS or corporate social change initiatives. Pat’s message is that leadership is an activity, not just a position. Pat’s speaking and training is inspirational, providing an igniting spark to individuals, communities or organizations offering methods and tools to “keep the fire burning” after the training.

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