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Conscious Living Mastery with Eddie Turner

Dr. Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC is known as The Ambassador of Life Coaching! Eddie discusses with Dr. Pat the value of coaching in its various forms, his latest book highlighting the importance of emotional honesty and the importance of being vulnerable, and his living legacy.

Eddie Turner: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the Keep Leading!® Podcast, the podcast dedicated to leadership development and insights. I’m your host, Eddie Turner, The Leadership Excelerator®. I work with leaders to accelerate performance and drive impact through the power of facilitation, coaching, and professional speaking.

On this episode, we’re going to talk about conscious living mastery. We’re going to talk about what that is, why it matters, and why as leaders we want to master this skill. We’re going to talk about this with Dr. Patrick Williams. Dr. Patrick Williams is a Master Certified Coach and a Board-Certified Coach. He’s one of the early pioneers of coaching and is often called the Ambassador of Life Coaching. He’s a licensed psychologist and has been in the executive coaching field since 1990 with companies such as Hewlett Packard, IBM, and Kodak. Dr. Pat is a co-founder and past board member of the International Coach Federation, known ICF. He co-chaired the ICF Regulatory Committee and Ethics Committee. He’s the past president of ACTO, the Association of Coach Training Organizations, and an honorary VP of the International Society of Coaching Psychology. Dr. Pat was introduced into the inaugural class of the Circle of Distinction, a global award from the International Coach Federation. He’s written multiple articles and has co-authored seven books. His latest book Getting Naked: Emotional Transparency with the Right Person at the Right Time in the Right Place is what we will discuss today.

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