Conscious Living Mastery arrived in my life just in time

CLM arrived in my life “just in time”, as a synthesis of many years of study, research and experiences focused on the Self-Realization process through Psychosynthesis and Vedic Wisdom.

CLM program offers a guide line for a deep self work based upon exercises, lectures and video-audio listening material from a Top Trainer Coach.

I choose to study with Dr. Pat, expert in Transpersonal Psychology and Coaching because I’m looking for excellence. I do that for myself and for those who I have the privilege to working with.

~ Cristina Pelizzatti
Professional Trainer Psychosynthesis Life Coach, PLC, ICF PCC
Certified Professional Green Coach, AC
Certified Professional Supervisor, Accredited Mentor Coach IACTM
Master NLP, Ecotuner, Ecocounselor, Transpersonal Counselor



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