MCC Coaching and Social Change with Patrick Williams and Katrina Burrus

burrows-interviewKatrina Burrus, MCC, PhD is the host and interviewer. Katrina authored When the Visionary is Blinded: Coaching Brilliant and Toxic Leaders and Global Nomadic Leaders: How to Identify, Attract and Retain Them. Katrina is founder and CEO of Helping Managers, Leaders and Organizations to Excel.

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Parick Williams, Ed.D., MCC was interviewed for the Excellent Executive Coaching Podcast by the host Katrina Burrus, PhD, MCC.

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Patrick Williams, Ed.D., MCC, is founder of The Institute for Life Coach Training, and the author of multiple books. he is also a much sought after speaker, appearing at conferences and educational institutions worldwide. Pat is also the founder of Coaching the Global Village.

In this podcast he will speak about coaching and social change and his experiences coaching in remote villages as well as coaching prisoners.

He and Katrina are both passionate about coaching and dedicated to ensuring it remains a respected profession.

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