Every encounter with Pat empowers us to be our best selves.

I was first introduced to Pat Williams’ work through is book, “Becoming a Professional Life Coach.” I had been searching for a book to help teach life coaching skills within the Federal Prison System. I instantly connected with is work and approach…I was introduced to Pat on a more personal level after one of our inmates wrote to him and told him about how we were using life coaching within the prison system to transform the field of corrections. Pat immediately responded with support and enthusiasm. Because he is a master collaborator, he is able to connect people with resources and partners which allow everyone to benefit.

As an industry leader, Pat lives his life in a way in which he constantly reminds us that life coaching is more about being a coach than doing life coaching… Pat truly is an Ambassador for the field of life coaching. He eloquently uses his abilities to write and teach to continually educate the world about enhancing the quality of our lives through coaching. Even encounter with Pat empowers us to be our best selves… ~ Susan Folk, Associate Warden

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