A master at the profession of coaching…

Dr. Williams is my mentor in a PhD program called “Professional Coaching and Human Development.” I also serve with him as a faculty member of the Institute for Life Coach Training. He is a master at the profession of coaching, and is highly skilled at creating awareness in others, assisting them to reach big goals or solve complex problems. When being coached by Patrick, you rarely even notice him, as his penetrating questions and thought-provoking input sends you deep into your own knowledge and understanding to find specific, concrete answers. He’s the best of all the coaches I know.

He is also very well respected in the global coaching community, and spends a bit of his time traveling internationally to speak on the topic of coaching. Whether by design or default, he effectually leads others into a deeper personal experience to be more masterful in coaching. ~ Dean Harbry, PCC, Executive Advisor & Coach, Internal Innovations, LLC

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