Dr. Pat recommends The Falling Awake Workshop

Please join Dave Ellis at
The Falling Awake Workshop
December 8-10, 2017 in West Palm Beach, Florida

Dr. Pat Williams
I have attended many of Dave’s workshops over the years. They are superb — and can be insightful, transformational, and fun too.

I will also be presenting several times during the workshop.

Find out more at https://www.fallingawake.com/ where you can also register.

Dave says:

What I promise is to support you to invent, prioritize, organize, and discover your most important desires. I will then assist you to spend most of your money, energy, and time on actions that produce the life you really want.

At the December Workshop, we will include a segment on money showing ways you can increase your income and create a life of sufficiency. We will also examine ways to improve your health. As usual, we will focus on life visioning.

At The Falling Awake Workshop, my purpose is:

  1. for you to fully engage and enhance your creativity,
  2. for you to identify the future you desire by exploring your deepest truths, and
  3. for you to walk away with specific and practical ways to accomplish the future you want.

This workshop will be fun, safe, and powerful.”

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