We All Wear Masks

superheroWe have all learned to wear masks and protective armor from a young age, and rightfully so. The world is not a place to be vulnerable all the time. But if we never “let our guard down” or take off the masks and the armor, we never really feel free and whole.

This teaching memoir will give you several ways to pick when and with whom you can be naked emotionally and spiritually…to really be able to allow yourself to shed your masks and robe and reveal your real SELF.

If only for a moment, this allows you to claim and expose all of you emotionally in the sacred space of someone who cares for you and your vulnerability when bearing your heart and soul. Emotional nakedness or baring your soul, can be beneficial alone, when journaling or reflecting. But to be truly transformative, you must be honest and reveal your heart and soul with another.

Getting Naked requires a trusting witness.

Most of us go through our lives hiding stories, events from our past, and shame. We also hide or bury our dreams and our true desires that we have put on hold or dismissed.

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