The Power of Getting Truly Emotionally Naked with Each Other

Unlock the power of self-disclosure to live your fullest life NOW.


We all find it difficult to be totally honest at all times, but eventually, it’s important to find the right time, place, and person with whom to make an honesty dump. In other words, to get emotionally naked.

How often do you say things you really shouldn’t? Do you ever catch yourself gossiping about another when you yourself say you hate gossip? How often do you bury the things you really want to say, but for whatever reason, just don’t?

The longer you hold onto things and allow them to go unfinished or unspoken, the more those things you’re trying to avoid fester and grow into a much more volatile or destructive infection.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the elephant in the room” — that big thing everyone knows is there but pretends is not. It gets avoided it and walked around. Nothing gets resolved. Just like the elephant, a mouse in the room doesn’t produce any good results when it gets ignored either.

In my career as a psychologist, as well as a Life and Wellness Coach, I have often assisted and encouraged people to take on these unspoken conversations that need to happen. I encourage people to create positive outcomes from careful self-disclosure — and to do it now. These experiences might be memories of bumps and bruises along your journey, but they no longer need to be painful.

Many of our human experiences entail being either scarred or scared.

Painful life events at various stages can indeed wound us, but they don’t have to suck the life out of us. Just as scars are visible reminders of an injury or wound we once had, hopefully, the pain that accompanied them is gone. But scars are also metaphorical and psychological reminders for those memories, experiences, and challenges. We have been stretched to fully experience life as it happens, the good or bad, the positive or negative, or the challenging and sometimes inspiring. And, remember, each scar is a sign that you have healed. It’s a symbol that the wound is no longer open. The memory attached to the scar may still need healing, and that’s what Getting Naked is all about.

Our life gives experiences to us. What we make of them is the key.

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