Politics, power, and greed get in the way of love, abundance and freedom

Humanity has always confounded me. We are supposed to be an ever evolving species and yet we make choices to destroy each other, the planet and its resources. However, not all humans are destructive or violent…people to people we usually see our differences and learn. But politics, power, and greed get in the way of love, abundance and freedom.

supportive-handsMy wish for all who read this is to know that we all have a unique purpose, a one of a kind story to play out while we are alive. We are relationship beings who are more alike than different.

My path has most often taken me to be a healer, a mediator and a teacher. I have experienced a life well lived, and today I concentrate and being of service where I can.

Most recently I have used my talents as a speaker and trainer of life coaches and have written books that illuminate. Many of us think we have to change our life by getting rid of stuff, a process of elimination. If we eliminate what bugs us, or gets in the way, or that which we don’t like, then our life will be better.

But the truth I have found is that what works better is a process of illumination…shining the light on what we hide, what we have not uncovered about ourselves, and what we can change from the inside out.

My questions then to all who find this writing, are: Who are you really? What is it you truly want? How are you feeding your soul and nurturing your heart? If money were no object what would you be doing? How would you be expressing your life every day?

And even if you believe you might be constricted or constrained by circumstances, what brings you Joy? Peace? Hope? Ecstasy? Meaning?

I believe one way is for all of us to find where we can explore our naked truth….to get naked with the right person, at the right time and place. Being vulnerable is a fact of living, but we also need to be protected.

I believe living life as the fullest, most authentic version of you, cutting the crap, releasing the baggage that has kept you a hostage for so long, and embracing all of you—the good, bad, public, and shadow parts—so you can integrate them and become an even stronger force in the universe through the secrets of honest self-revelation. The key is to discover where and with whom to be emotionally naked. Being vulnerable does not mean being stupid and careless.

For example:

  • Practice being emotionally naked at the right place and time with the right people to release your negative patterns and create a provocative catalyst for reflection.
  • Discover new or hidden parts of yourself that can guide you to create a more fulfilling life.
  • Apply the tools of naked self-disclosure to your life so you can enjoy greater meaning and satisfaction.

Read more in my book:

Getting Naked: On Emotional Transparency at the Right Time, the Right Place, and with the Right Person: Ways to Uncover Your Authentic Self at Work, Home, in Relationships, and Life

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