This is a great read…there are “ah ha” moments

I am 3/4 of the way through this book! For those who haven’t time for a thick boring book, this is a great read and only about a 1/4″ thick! As I have been reading this book, there are “ah ha” moments, there are some great activities to get to know yourself, there are some points that may reinforce what you/me already know. I strongly encourage people who live in large cities where they may have a stronger tendency to keep to themselves to pick up a copy of this book! AND I LOVE THE TITLE! I CHALLENGE THOSE WHO PICK UP A COPY OF THIS BOOK TO READ IT ON THE BUS, OR LAY IT ON A TABLE OR DESK WHERE EVERYONE CAN SEE THE TITLE. SOME MIGHT FEEL EMBARRASSED, BUT IT WILL DEFINITELY BEGIN CONVERSATIONS. And needless to say, we can all benefit from good authentic conversations! – an Customer

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