Helping Recovering Addicts through Life Coaching

Dr. Pat Williams is an internationally acclaimed coach, speaker, and author whose mission is to inspire others to live their lives optimally and purposefully. Here, he applies his coaching expertise in helping recovering addicts…

How can a life coach help someone struggling with addiction?

For a Life Coach to assist someone affected by addiction, the person must be ready for change, or at least “window shopping” or considering change – what we might call “pre-contemplation.”

The coach/client relationship offers the person with the addiction to become more conscious and aware of their choices and to learn to respond more to what life gives them rather than react and choose the numbing and harmful effects of addiction.

In the coaching profession, we hold a belief that all people are capable, creative, and resourceful, and while sometimes the client does not yet believe that, it is the glue of the coaching relationship.

Coaching is a part of the continuum of care and seems especially appropriate when one is redesigning their life after addiction treatment … helping cope with the losses, the changes, the new decisions…