Wisdom, advice, opportunities…

Dr. Williams and I met from a desire that I had to not only be a life coach but to use those skills within a program that I developed that incorporates Life Coaching into what is termed as re-entry. The Federal system is trying to find ways that will help offenders reintegrate back into society, as productive members. Dr. Williams has partnered with the institution here to help institute the concepts of coaching, in efforts to better equip the men here to be better prepared to re-enter society.

Dr. Williams is assisting some of the men here in strengthening their coaching skills so that they will be more effective in the programs that they facilitate and teach. There is a group of guys here that have developed a mentoring program designed to help guide some of the younger and newer inmates. These guys have either been recently incarcerated or are dealing with the stresses of incarceration and need help in finding their way. Through what we have learned about coaching and the wisdom of Dr. William, and his works, we have redeveloped the program and it is far more effective than we could have ever imagined it to be. This is all thanks to the wisdom, advice and opportunities Dr. Williams has given the men here.

I have been incarcerated since the year 1992 and was 17 years old at the time. I am soon to be released from prison and the wisdom and insight that I have gotten from Dr. Williams, directly or from his writings, have been more than valuable in terms of having the right mindset and attitude as I transition back into society. I can say that I have been inspired in more ways than one through my relationship with him.

I do believe that his knowledge, wisdom and insight is worth paying attention to. It is something that other need to hear and can benefit from. I feel more and more empowered every time we communicate and consider him to be a mentor and friend. ~ Talib Shakir, Reconstruct Program.

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